HOA Websites Features

Our software offers a feature rich, yet simple experience. Born out of necessity, our websites offer simple forms to change the content appearing on the site. Below are some of the many examples of these features.

Multiple Profiles

Public Access Private Access Admin Access

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Three distince profiles - unregistered users (Public Access), registered users (Private Access), and administrators (Admin Access). Each one has varying security roles to protect your privacy while permitting appropriate public access.

  • Public access - enable unregistered users access to the public portion of your HOA Website
  • Private access - you created this website for your association members. Keep this area private for these members.
  • Admin access - administrators have access to create news, add meeting minutes, update user profiles, etc.

Quick and Easy Communication

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Administrators can easily add news content to the website. When this information is outdated, simply delete the article. All registered users can also send an email to the entire community or access the Comminity Directory to send email to individuals.

  • News - easy forms to add, update, or delete news articles on your HOA Website
  • Need to send an email to the community? No problem. Simply go to the website and send an email, with attachments, to your community.

Community Directory

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Don't pay another company to print your community directory. We live in the digital world. Simply access your website to see real-time, updated contact information.

  • Real-time community directory
  • Easily send an email to your neighbor
  • Need a phone number? Access your community directory.
  • Sort your community directory on name, street address, phone or email
Visit our demo site to test it out for yourself.